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Do More With Your 3D Data



Use existing synthetic environments or create new ones to maximize sets & reps for a variety of infantry-related training scenarios.


Train for high risk scenarios without the expense. Suppression, command sim, triage, and more in the critical buildings in your city.


Digitally recreate incidents in the next generation of trial graphics. Virtually bring the jury to the scene and walk them around.


Do more with your real estate or BIM scans. Plan layouts, change furniture, play games, and more. Your scan, your rules.

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We’re happy to help you maximize the use of your 3D scans. Whether you’re military, first responder, attorney or in the general public, RSET lets you do more with your 3D Data. Book a 30 minute free consultation below.

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“To express anything other than excitement at the opportunity would be an understatement. The software package you presented has near endless potential for our fire department.”

J. SCOTT WHITT, Assistant Chief, Lexington Fire Department

“I truly believe this is the future of training for first responders.”

BRYAN CECIL, Owensboro Firefighter

“This would be an amazing opportunity for them! We are literally studying mass casualties and just did some small triaging in the classroom and outside. Thank you for reaching out, this is awesome.”