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For Everyone

RSET is a software application that turns 3D scan data from any scanner into an immersive, walk-able environment. Take measurements, see through walls, plan layouts, even play games. With RSET, the dollhouse becomes a do-anything sandbox.

RSET lets you do more with your 3D Data

RSET in 3 Simple Steps…

Use data from nearly any 3D Scanner! Matterport, Leica Geosystems, iOS LiDAR and more. RSET is scanner agnostic.

Make improvements to your scans! Browse our library of 3D objects or import your own. Add lights, sounds, objects, avatars, and more.

Use your new RSET-enhanced 3D data however you want. Explore, collaborate, reminisce, play, measure, or plan. Do more with your 3D Data.

Try RSET Now

Click the button below to create a free RSET account and test RSET using our FREE sample scans. When you’re ready to use your own scans in RSET, you can purchase single-use keys for individual scans, or an annual subscription for unlimited scans from the account dashboard.