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For Litigation and Trial

RSET is a software application that creates immersive, walk-able scenes from 3D scans and expertly crafted event recreations. Don’t settle for static, single perspective animations or videos. With RSET, the jury can re-live the incident in question. RSET is revolutionizing trial graphics.

RSET has been instrumental in the awarding of over $100 Million in Settlements

RSET in 3 Simple Steps…

We’ll help you capture details about the incident scene and create the synthetic environment in which the event will be recreated. Drone flights, mobile LiDAR, or hand-recreation from images and measurements are all easily employed methods for us to use.

Once the scene is set, we’ll get to work improving the scan with specific details about the incident. 3D Modeling, advanced motion capture animations, and physics based simulations allow us to recreate just about anything.

We’ll work with you to make sure our materials tell your side of the story. Walk the courtroom through a meticulously detailed recreation of the incident in RSET, or show them physical models created and crafted by us during the Improvement step of the process. Whatever you need to more easily make your case.

Try RSET Now

Click the button below to create a free RSET account and test RSET using our FREE sample scans. When you’re ready to use your own scans in RSET, you can purchase single-use keys for individual scans, or an annual subscription for unlimited scans from the account dashboard.