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For Public Safety Professionals

RSET is a software application that turns 3D scans of real-world environments into highly immersive, physics-based reality simulations, where high risk events can be safely replicated, customized, and shared to save lives and reduce injuries in the line of duty.

RSET in 3 Simple Steps…

Use your own Matterportâ„¢ or LiDAR scanner to capture important buildings, hire a third party scanning service to do it for you, or access the RSET Ecosystem of high quality scans to find the perfect training environment for your team.

This is where the Scan becomes a Scenario. Make improvements to your synthetic environment – add smoke, fire, water, lights, sirens, casualties, obstacles, and more. Create the most intense high-risk event imaginable, or download scenarios from the RSET Ecosystem.

Every day is a Training Day with RSET. Whether in front of your computer or in VR, at the station or on your day off, keep your skills sharp by having constant access to high fidelity training in the important buildings in your jurisdiction.

Try RSET Now

Click the button below to create a free RSET account and test RSET using our FREE sample scans. When you’re ready to use your own scans in RSET, you can purchase single-use keys for individual scans, or an annual subscription for unlimited scans from the account dashboard.