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What is RSET?

RSET is the Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool. It’s desktop software that simplifies enhancing and improving digital twins, and makes them easier to use for a variety of use-cases.

Who Uses RSET?

RSET was originally developed for the US Navy – Marines specifically. It was created to lower the barrier of entry for using digital twins. The Marines use RSET and the twins they capture to do pre-exercise walkthroughs, easily create training scenarios, and plan real-world exercises.

Firefighters and police departments use RSET for similar reasons – to familiarize themselves with complex buildings (schools, factories, airports, etc.) and to perform more training sets virtually.

Industrial customers use RSET to create training solutions for their employees (e.g., what to do and where to go when the earthquake alarm sounds) in a first-person, video game style interaction. They also use RSET for pre-planning improvements and machinery changes.

Retail customers use RSET to engage customers in new ways. For example, laser-tag and putt putt facilities use RSET to let their customers explore and interact with the facility while they wait for their turn to play while capturing valuable marketing data.

Law firms use RSET combined with scans of a scene to recreate models that help settle cases more quickly or place a jury in a walkable recreation of an event. RSET has been used to settle more than $100M in cases so far.

What’s an RSET Scenario?

An RSET Scenario is a file created while augmenting and enhancing a 3D scan within RSET. It contains all the details about the improvements made, such as objects/assets added, text or media embedded, avatars and training elements spawned, etc. The RSET Scenario is what adds value to a generic scan and companies that don’t want to create their own scenarios will outsource creation of these improvements to third parties.

What is the RSET Service Provider (RSP) Network?

The RSP Network are individuals and companies that already service a variety of industries via 3D scanning that want to create new revenue streams for themselves. RSPs get paid a referral commission for any RSET Licenses they sell, and are promoted by RSET when users need help creating scenarios. By pairing their existing services with RSET, RSPs can add value to their existing clients, approach new clients and industries they hadn’t yet considered, create new scanning opportunities, and add revenue by selling RSET scenarios to their clients.

What benefits are available to RSP Network Members?
  • RSP Network Members will be given a unique registration code for their clients to use when purchasing seats of RSET. We use these codes to track your client registrations and you’ll receive a 15% commission on all initial sales and recurring renewals of RSET Seats.
  • You’ll be given access to RSET Marketing Materials and user training videos to help you make the sale and ensure your clients are properly equipped to get the full value from RSET.
  • RSET Inc will occasionally have contract’s available for scenario creation. These contracts will be sent to RSPs based on their region and industry vertical.
  • If an RSP bids a job to their client for scenario creation and needs assistance from RSET Inc, RSP Network Members can request partial or full assistance from RSET Inc. RSET Inc is entitled to a variable percentage of the sale depending on the work performed.
What is the RSP Beta Program?

The RSP Network is a brand new endeavor for RSET Inc, and we’re making sure things work smoothly for everyone before opening the floodgates. The Beta program is a limited offering that includes the following for up to 50 scanning professionals:

  • A free seat of RSET Pro for a year ($2999.99 value)
  • Access to contracts based on region/vertical
    As part of participating in the Beta program, you are expected to provide feedback on both the product and impressions of your scanning clients. Additionally, RSET Inc will receive 20% of the revenue generated on RSET scenario creation services while using a free seat of RSET Pro.
How do I join the RSP Network?

Easy! Simply fill out the form at and we’ll be in touch. We’re currently in a Beta for the RSP Network as we determine what works best for everyone involved. As such, we’re limiting participation to 50 members based on regional and industry criteria. Sign up and we’ll contact you as soon as there is space in the program.

What are the Terms and Conditions I agree to when joining the network?

Updated terms and conditions for participation in the RSET Service Provider Network can be found here: . Terms and Conditions may be updated from time-to-time, so we encourage you to review this page periodically.